NAO was the first to design and manufacture sprayers for numerous process applications. We design and manufacturer numerous different styles of Sprayers such as removable tips with various nozzles, spray configurations, angle, conical, hollow, swirling or flat spray with high flow turndown and more.



Type “F” is producing a flat spray into or above the catalyst bed or, when placed edgewise, can control the gas temperature at entrance to cyclone separator.

Type “F-53” also for a flat spray is especially suitable for a wide capacity turn-down if high water pressure is available at the sprayer inlet (150 to 200 psi). It maintains a comparatively uniform spray pattern throughout its operating range.

Type “C” is for producing a swirling conical spray pattern suitable for gas ducts.

Type “D” is for providing a conical spray pattern of finely atomized steam or water. It is frequently used in plenum chambers and gas ducts to ensure a controlled spray pattern.

Utilities for type “F” – Water Sprayers and type “O” for Oil torches
These pressures are recommended at the inlets to their respective manifolds and should be available at maximum outputs.

Chemical Process Reactor Feed Sprayers
In addition to water sprayers and oil torches for fluid catalyst cracking units, NAO also produces Chemical Process Sprayers for various applications such as: reactor feed; vapor temperature control; cooling of exit and waste gases. A modification of this arrangement is used for firing and enriching high (1,000) Btu oil gas when converting a standard water gas installation.

Inquiries for sprayers or oil torches should include the following specifications:

  • Liquid to be sprayed, together with pressure avail­able at the sprayer. Also, the temperature of the liquid and its viscosity in. S.S.U. (if other than water).
  • Pressure and temperature within the vessel or duct that receives the sprayed liquid.
  • Preferred atomizing medium and its temperature and pressure.
  • Maximum quantity of liquid to be sprayed per hour and the turndown range required.
  • NAO manufactures a complete line of gas, oil and combination fuel combustion equipment for chemical and petroleum-chemical installations throughout the world.
  • Detailed information on all types of sprayers, as well as information on combustion equipment for specific applications will be furnished on request.
With over 100 years of experience NAO has earned a worldwide reputation for reliability and trouble-free performance.