Fire Snuffing systems are also known as Fire Suppression Systems. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is widely used in the fire industry as an extinguishing agent for fire suppression systems. NAO, Inc. has been supplying CO2 snuffing systems since 1976. CO2 is very effective and suppresses a fire by oxygen depletion, creating a surrounding atmosphere where combustion/flame cannot be sustained. CO2 is an electrically non-conductive, odorless and colorless gas. CO2 does not leave residue upon discharge.

CO2 properties make it an excellent choice for fire protection of highly valuable equipment and for applications where a flame is not acceptable. Carbon Dioxide is stored in high pressure containers connected to a client’s piping distribution network that runs from the cylinder bank to the protected area/item. Upon system activation, CO2 is released from its container(s) and travels in the pipe network until it reaches the engineered discharge nozzles. When discharged, the carbon dioxide fills the area creating an atmosphere low in oxygen that causes flame extinguishment. The cylinders may be stored indoors or outdoors. Depending on a customer’s requirements, the cylinders may be mounted in open racks or enclosed cabinets, supplied by NAO, Inc.


The NAO, Inc. Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishing system provides protection for a variety of industrial hazards. Every CO2 system, NAO, Inc. supplies is manufactured according to client specifications. Standard systems are made of cylinder assemblies, valves, actuators, manifold and discharge nozzles. For each system, cylinder(s) are configured as pilot cylinders and therefore they are equipped with an actuator that provides local or remote valve opening. The remaining cylinders act as slave cylinders, once they receive a pneumatic command from the pilot cylinder to open their designated valve. All cylinders are secured to a cylinders rack, which can be self standing open type, or self standing inside of a cabinet.

Each CO2 system can be outfitted with components suitable for hazardous areas or general duty.

In addition, we can provide remote transmitters such as pressure and/or temperature transmitters/monitors/switches coupled with quick opening valves, that can be triggered by the operator or automatically to discharge the CO2.

NAO, Inc. supplies a patented purge reduction device, Fluidic Seal™, which can be used with vent stacks to reduce the amount of purge gas required. The NAO Fluidic Seal can be equipped with Temperature Monitors, and CO2 snuffing nozzles, for those applications in which a flame is not acceptable.

Manual Release Suppression System

Manual Release


Custom Controls


NAO Fluidic™ Vent Tip with Temperature Sensors and Multiple Stages of Snuffing

3+3 CO2 Tank Enclosure


System features:

  • No residue
  • Non-corrosive and non-conductive
  • Suitable for Class A, B, and C hazards
  • Fixed nozzle(s)
  • In accordance with NFPA-12 – Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems Application
  • Remote / Manual pull stations
  • Pressure trips
  • Bells and sirens
  • Time delays
  • Pneumatic switches
  • Weighing devices
With over 100 years of experience NAO has earned a worldwide reputation for reliability and trouble-free performance.