If liquid condensate in the flare header is a problem, knock-out drums, or disentrainment drums are necessary. Without a Knock-Out drum, liquid hydrocarbons will carry over to and burn on the flare tip. Since liquids burn hotter than the gases and since they burn directly on the metal, the metal degrades extremely quickly. A flare with liquid carryover can burn up in a matter of months. If a KO drum is used properly, it will extend the flare life for decades.

NAO Liquid Seal Drum:

  • The NAO Liquid Seal provides protection against flame flashback as well as functions like a “Check Valve”.
  • The relief header gas pressure will need to exceed the water level differential, prior to entering the Flare System.
  • This is beneficial since it eliminates the possible air entrance into the process header.
  • NAO Supplied Liquid Seal Drums are normally equipped with an internal distributor assembly to improve effectiveness and reduce pulsations.
  • NAO Liquid Seals are designed to limit liquid carry-over within the design flow rates.

Vertical NAO POP-TOP Liquid Seal
Vertical NAO “POP-TOP Liquid Seal

Liquid Seal Staging Drum
Liquid Seal Staging Drum

Combination Vertical Disentrainment Drum
Combination Vertical Disentrainment Drum

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