NAO has Burners that we manufactured in the 1970’s that are still currently active and running. We support our older burners with upgrades, parts, repairs and testing. We also offer repairs, testing and upgrades for our competitor’s burners.


Burner Types:

  • Jet Mix Burner (Natural Draft)
  • Oil Burners (Forced Draft)
  • Oil-Gas Hexas Burners (Natural Draft)
  • Flat Flame Oil-Gas Burner
  • Low Noise Burner – Noise Reduction)
  • Low NOx Gas Staged Burner (natural or forced draft)
  • Low NOx Air Staged Gas Burner (Natural Draft)
  • Ultra Low NOx Gas Burner with Internal Fuel Gas Dillution by Flue Gas (Natural Draft)
  • Ultra Low NOx Gas Burner with Internal Fuel
  • Radiant wall — gas/light oil wall — NAO Firewall™
  • Portable Waste Burners — NAO Pedestal Burners
  • Production Welltest & Offshore Burners — CB Burners (Clean Burners)
  • Submerged combustion
  • Spider
  • Upshot — gas — NAO Airovent™
  • Kiln lances
  • Sliding carriage swivel
  • Low air pressure oil burners
  • Steam-atomizing sludge burners
  • Turbulent mix oil burners
  • Other mechanical, steam and pressure atomizing units

Low Noise
ND Register


NMEC ™ – NAO Multi-Exteral Coanda™
(“HOT DOG” Burner)


Natural Draft

With over 100 years of experience NAO has earned a worldwide reputation for reliability and trouble-free performance.