Horizontal Flare Pits


Pit Flares/Pilot Burners are normally positioned horizontal and located through a Fire Brick Wall, Earthen wall and/or Fence surrounding the flare pit. Each application is evaluated to determine the correct and safe distances for the location of our Horizontal Flares. When choosing the location of a Burn Pit the following factors should be carefully considered:

  • Outside of all normal work areas and operational plant
  • Where smoke and the associated thermal plume will not be a hazard to personnel or traffic, or cause damage to equipment
  • Clear of all buildings and public vehicle parking lots
  • Clear of residential areas for at least 1,000ft (305m)
  • Where neither local nor general environmental considerations limit placement

The site selection shall be made with regard to the following near-field considerations.

  • At maximum rate, the anticipated thermal radiation levels from the Burn Pit must be calculated in accordance with generally accepted methods. Radiation profiles for both liquid supported and gas-supported flames should be independently considered
  • Plume Rise and Temperature; for the maximum liquid burning and gas burning cases, the estimated plume rise, trajectory and temperature shall be calculated for a variety of wind and stability cases
  • Wind Direction; radiation levels and plume trajectories should consider that winds are possible from all directions


NIFO Smokeless


Steam Injection or Water Spray


NIFO Smokeless


Forced Air Blower

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