Gas Assisted Flares



NAO’s Gas Assisted Flare Burners provide smokeless combustion of low-BTU waste gases, including toxic gases.

We can supply our Fluidic Flare Burner along with a Gas Assist Ring to support and stabilize low-BTU Flare Gas, as it exits the flare burner.

Our flares can also be outfitted with assist gas injection nozzles, integral with the flare burner body.

The assistgas is injected into the flare gas prior to exiting the flare burner to allow for rapid mixing with the low-BTU flare gas and remain in compliance with federal guidelines.

Upgrade — Flame Enhancement/Stability Shroud:

NAO Offers a Flame Enhancement/Stability Shroud Assembly for those applications which flare low-BTU gases.

In addition to the gas assist ring or internal gas injection nozzles, our flame stability shrouds enhance the stability of low btu flare gas flames.

With over 100 years of experience NAO has earned a worldwide reputation for reliability and trouble-free performance.